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Jacqueline Harold Designs

Web Design/Photography

If you ever find yourself walking through Leek turn left off Derby street you’ll wander down a quaint Victorian market yard called Getliffe’s Yard and find a hidden jewellery store called JHD. The stores greatest selling point is the fact that every piece is handmade on site at the jewellers bench by the owner and jeweller; Jacqueline Harold. All of which can be seen by the customers, which gives the customer the confidence to invest in expensive jewellery. We wanted to create a website that mirrored the feeling within the store, the physical store itself is very dark and chic to maximise the impact of the jewellery, hence we opted for a dark, slick website that conveyed the feeling of quality and high end fashion. The website itself is designed to be low maintenance and also to allow for future growth of the jewellers catalogue and the business content as well.

'About Jackie' Page

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