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Our face is as important as yours, so we like to go further than most in order to achieve the best possible design. Sometimes we meet a client for the first time, they know what they want and and we know exactly how to execute it for them. However, many clients are unsure, and some don’t even have a name for their business and that’s absolutely fine. We actually love these projects because we can get down to being creative.

Making Sense of your thoughts.

Grey Matter Designs alternative logo
Grey Matter Designs iconography

So many opinions, so many differing tastes, so many colours, styles, fashions, movements.. The choice is exponential. Our job is to convert your ideas and thoughts (no matter how sporadic or disparate) into digestible design boards and booklets that are cohesive with your business.

Grey Matter, Our Matter, You Matter.

Our name describes the process. We spend our time finding out about the ideas, memories and emotions that are locked in your Grey Matter and use all the appropriate ones in a way that result in a truly unique design. It is from having good relationships with our clients that we manage to hide little details and meanings in our designs. 

50 shades of grey ?

To answer your question, no. We don’t design everything in grey. If you take a look at our Projects page and check out the work that we have completed for previous clients then you will understand that we are a dynamic team of designers and marketers, and that actually, we are deeply in love with colour ! 

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