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Alexander james charles harold


I am a highly creative and motivated individual that enjoys adventure, a challenge and in recent years I have found an addiction to learning new skills in order to enhance my creative output. 

I have been fortunate to have experience in many creative practices including Graphic Design, Website Creation, Jewellery Design, Interior Design/Architecture, Content Creation, Photography, Videography and Hand Drawing/Painting. I believe that the exposure to such a wide range of design industries has broadened my creative brain allowing for free flowing ideas and campaigns. 


yarlet School

Art + Design Scholarship


Repton School

School's out


Ski Season (Meribel)

Trained + passed BASI 2 to become a qualified ski instructor.


Nottingham Trent University

Interior Design + Architecture

Studied structure, light, ergonomics and how to create a journey within a space.

Learned about the design process in depth and set up a jewellery brand whilst studying; Alex&er Jewellery. 


Studied photography + videography

I shadowed Chris Priestley in photography and videography.


Painted my first series

Lockdown was my opportunity: Firstly, to build an infrastructure whereby my work life and social life could operate symbiotically.

Secondly.. to fulfil a dream; to create a full series of art with a view to holding an art exhibition in the future. 

Created a roadmap for Alex&er Jewellery to work in conjunction with my freelance work.


Freelanced Work


As lockdown started to ease up, I began to receive a lot of work from a variety of companies, my first gig was with NUCO Travel as a photographer. 

Since then, I worked on projects for Bentley, 

The next challenge...



I am an individual that enjoys discovering new places, however occasionally you come across a place that is perfect. For me, it is the mountains. It is very difficult to explain this to those that have never experienced winter vacations. Now that I have the background that I do in camera work, I would like to express the sheer enjoyment that is shared in a ski resort. Back in 2014, I trained to be a ski instructor and have loved returning whenever possible.  

Alex&er Logo 2021 white.png

Alex&er Jewellery is a premium British jewellery brand. I worked to create a logo and brand voice that expressed this by writing about the level of quality and craftsmanship that is required to create a piece of Alex&er Jewellery. The feeling of luxury is then reinforced through the use of deep, rich photography and slick videography.


The opening visual to whet the appetite for the new Moose Vodka advertising campaign.The piece is a 3D animated photo effect and can extremely fun and creative to play with. The idea behind it is that Moose Vodka are here to help in the Emergency of a party and from this they will create packaging for spontaneous gatherings and mountain parties. 

click play to enjoy



I have created a discover link to showcase a selection of the projects that I am currently and have previously worked on for them. The images are from a campaign that we ran to showcase the clientele that RJS act for in order to raise their profile and improve public perception of a solicitor firm from Stoke-on-Trent.

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