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Alexander james charles harold


I am a highly creative and motivated individual that enjoys adventure, a challenge and in recent years I have found an addiction to learning new skills in order to enhance my creative output. 

I have been fortunate to have experience in many creative practices including Graphic Design, Website Creation, Jewellery Design, Interior Design/Architecture, Content Creation, Photography, Videography and Hand Drawing/Painting. I believe that the exposure to such a wide range of design industries has broadened my creative brain allowing for free flowing ideas and campaigns. 





yarlet School

Art + Design Scholarship

Repton School

School's out

Nottingham Trent University

Interior Design + Architecture

Studied structure, light, ergonomics and how to create a journey within a space and received a 2:1.

Learned about the design process in depth and set up a jewellery brand whilst studying; Alex&er Jewellery. 

Studied graphic design/photography/videography

Although my main focus at University was Interior Architecture, I used my knowledge of Photoshop + Illustrator to learn the principles of Graphic Design. During my placement I spent time shadowing one of the top Photographers/Videographers in the country, Christian Priestley.

With these extra skills I had the ability to create a full rebranding programme for clients that was symbiotic, from the tone of voice all the way through to the colour grading of the photography.

Branding for rjs solicitors

Having seen my work on branding Alex&er Jewellery I was headhunted by RJS Solicitors to plan and execute a full rebrand including a new website, content creation (photography + adverts) + a brand deck. 

The website and leading advert is due to be released in late September.

The new logo will be released in December.




The next challenge...



The first piece of film that really captured me was the famous Honda advert from 2003. It wasn't until 2019 that I finally bought myself a decent camera and began to learn the basics. Covid allowed me to really explore the capabilities of the camera and Premiere Pro software. 

Alex&er Logo 2021 white.png

Alex&er Jewellery is a premium British jewellery brand. I worked to create a logo and brand voice that encompassed the British heritage and craftsmanship through the use of creative content to enforce the feeling of luxury in the form of deep, rich photography and slick videography. 

Screenshot 2019-01-15 at 19.07.07.jpg


The opening visual to whet the appetite for the new Moose Vodka advertising campaign. The idea behind it is that Moose Vodka are here to help in the Emergency of a party and from this they will create packaging for spontaneous gatherings and mountain parties. 



I have worked on a number of branding projects creating logos, brand decks and directing the tone of voice of a brand. I have experience in designing for a range of professions from ski brands to solicitor firms (such as the example link below).


Nuco Travel

Hestra Gloves

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