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When a new project crosses our design board, our first challenge is to learn about the history of that brand, how it came to the market and how it has developed. From the good, to the bad to the ugly, because it’s from this history that we can overcome past issues of the firm and build on the strong foundations that have brought success to it thus far. We offer singular services such as logo design and packaging design, or we can offer complete packages such as full brand deck and toolkits to enable continuity for your brand should you be looking to move your branding/marketing in-house. We actively encourage this move to in-house with our clients as we ensure simplicity with templates, colour codes and logo packages on hand-over. It will work out cheaper in the long run for your company and we are on the end of a phone or email should you need any help.


Brand name •
logo design •
Brand identity •
tone of voice •

• toolkits 
• packaging
• Narrative Creation

A simplified case Study of a logo for a fashion brand with annotations for client for the purpose of showing how a toolkit would look.

Case Study for Grey Matter Designs.jpg

Showcase of Project we worked on

Golden Goose Recruitment

Media : 20 Page Brochure, Tri-fold Leaflet, A4 Folder And Poster.

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