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Agecroft are a rowing club formed in 1861 making it one of the oldest open membership rowing clubs in the world. The club has found a great deal of success over the last 20 years with medalists and cup winners in races and regattas such as Henley, British Championships and World Championships. The club feels its primary focus is inclusion, with squads of different ages, abilities and sporting backgrounds and it was important to showcase this through a photoshoot and a promotional video. We wanted to stress the grittiness of the club, whilst the squads and club members are determined and kind-spirited, the banks of the River Irwell brings attitude and originality to the rowing environment. Graffiti covers the brick structures that were built in the Industrial Revolution. Steel bridges to carry trains cross every few hundred meters. Cold winds blow down the Irwell during the winter, leading ferocious squads down the stream. O a summer’s day, the river falls flat like a glass window and the crews thrive to show off their hard-earned technique and finesse in preparation for races and regattas across the country.

A selection of Photographs

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